The logo is consisted of two closely connected circles or waves; The Green one stands for the well-being and the blue wave stands for the Technical progress in the Ultrasound waves. The meeting of the two waves reflect their close integration for the sake of the patient care whom you can see with head above the two waves

Logo meaning

- To learn the basic principles and physics of MSUS.
- To learn the indications and limitations of MSUS.
- To identify the ultrasound pattern of the musculoskeletal tissues and normal sonoanatomy.
- To perform an ultrasound assessment of each musculoskeletal anatomical region using a standardized examination method.
- To identify basic pathologic MSUS findings (i.e. synovitis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, enthesopathy, tendinopathy, tendon calcification,

        tendon tears, cortical bone and cartilage abnormalities, peripheral nerve entrapment, basic muscle and  ligament lesions).
- .To report ultrasound findings and diagnosis.

The logo is consisted of

Activity Logo

Basic Level:


Green Circle or wave
Blue Circle or wave
Round Grey Circle 

Intermediate Level:

- To know the Doppler physics, technology and artefacts.
- To know the application, indications and limitations of Doppler in Rheumatology.
- To optimize Doppler settings.
- To use color and power Doppler to detect synovial and entheseal inflammation.
- To detect structural joint damage (i.e. bone, tendons, cartilage).
- To perform sonographic-guided periarticular and articular injections.
- To identify the spectrum of musculoskeletal abnormalities in each anatomic area (e.g. joint synovitis, Tenosynovitis, enthesopathy/enthesitis, tendinosis/tendinitis, paratenonitis, dactylitis, tendon luxation, tendon impingement, tendon tears, bone erosions, osteophytes, ganglia and cysts, articular cartilage lesions, peri- and intra-articular microcrystal deposit, soft tissue calcifications)